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September 4, 2020
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September 4, 2020 Rauda Khan

Rauda Riaz Khan

Cyberbullying is that bullying which takes place virtually or through digital devices mostly the sources are cell phones, laptops, computers, or tablets. It means sharing, passing, sending, posting negative comments, or judging someone based on their physical appearance or anything about someone else.

Cyberbullying mostly occurs through chat, text messages, SMS, online forums, a gaming website, or any forum where one can share his opinion, point of view, comments or share his/her context. It also includes sharing personal or private information about someone’s personal life without that person’s permission or context. And some Cyber Bullying just not crosses the line into unlawful and criminal behavior but gets extremely unethical with their grudges.

"If you are insulting someone on the internet, you must be ugly on the inside."

Phil Lester

In 2017, School Crime Supplement also known as National Center for Education Statistics and Bureau of Justice observed that amid students of age group 12-18 who reported being bullied at school during the school year, out of the 15% were the victims of Cyber Bullying.

Today we are seeking the light about everything related to Cyberbullying, its types, how it affects someone’s mental health, it’s impact, and everything we should lay our eyes on way before



Threatening, harassing, or persecuting someone through text messages or social media platforms. Or engaging of the “warning wars” just to defame someone due to personal insecurities and jealousy. If by chance you guys don’t know what warning wars are, then it is the way of reporting or blocking the victim of cyberbullies just to slander the victim due to personal grudges and wariness.

Not just that, harassing someone includes posting personal or embarrassing information of the victims on public platforms like on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat. And also, by doing texting wars or text attacks on the victim’s personal life which is a great way of huge mental distress.


Blackmailing someone through their pictures is the most common and hazardous types of cyberbullying. Using personal photographs includes clicking nudes from the cabin of the victim or somewhere from the personal place and then posting it publicly or using it as a source of blackmailing.

Some cyberbullies would just go so low due to personal hatred that they would just crop off the face of the victim and would photoshop them in the dirtiest context ever and circulate them all over the internet.


Pretending to someone by hacking their id and talking to everyone in an unethical manner is also a form of cyberbullying. As you are ruining someone’s identity by sending awkward and humiliating texts or photographs pretending them. Or shaming or passing hurtful comments to others impersonating the victim and hurting their feelings. It also includes circulating inappropriate links to the victim’s contacts just for the sake of money.

And this type of cyberbullying is unlawful and is a crime. Because you can’t just steal someone’s identity in any way!


Cyber harassment also includes discussing the victim publicly on the social media platforms where furthermore, bullies will join in that discussion. Well, this discussion would not be a simple discussion over someone it would be shaming, degrading, making fun, insulting, making disgusting remark and will contain every element which will let the victim’s heart brutally down.

But what is the clever part about the subtweeting is that the admin does not take anyone’s name specifically and keeps on spreading the ridiculous rumors about the victim.

But on the other hand, the victim automatically gets the hint that of whom they (the bullies) are talking about but poorly couldn’t take any step against it because the victim doesn’t have any validation of it.


So, video shaming includes both physical bullyings as well as cyberbullying.

They will bully, make fun of the victim, or humiliate the victim in front of the audience in real. And capture it as well in the video which will later be shown to each person the bullies can or simply just upload it on any pubic social
media platforms where there’s a vast audience.

Video shaming is extremely disturbing for the victim as he/she has to go through this phase twice.


Mostly the victims of Cyberbullying are students and they take seriously but never ignoring the fact that it can seriously affect the mental health of any age of any gender. Passing judgments and making someone’s life living hell seem easy but they can destroy the victim in so many aspects.


Students usually face bullying in their academic centers but Cyber Bullying made it worst, as there are no limitations of the bullies, they’ll bully the victims in the schools and on the internet, which equals 24 hours.

Cyberbullies first of all and the majorly destroys the mental health of the student. Students get so mentally, emotionally, and physically ill. They’ll not find interest in the things they love to do. They will be upset, angry, irritated most of the time. And physically the victim will be sleepy or their stomach will ache all the time.

Apart from mental health, they lose all of their confidence and self-esteem.

They would not find themselves worthy enough to take participate in any activity. Staying at the back quietly is something they would prefer.

Academics of the victims get down very badly because they bully and everything just haunts them every moment and just due to that they couldn’t focus on their studies.

Not only just that the victims are most likely to have severe anxiety and depression due to this whole thing and there are thousands of chances that they might end up messing up with their career due to that.


Ages of 22 or beyond that are age maturity and being sensitive at the same time. And depression is something extremely common in these situations. And cyberbullying at this point hits way too hard for the victims.

These bullies take sanity away from all age groups.


No matter how much Cyber Bullying has taken over the internet or how uncontrollable the situation gets but still, there are some ways to overcome these situations or problems.

The first and the most important step to overcome Cyber Bullying is to have a serious talk with your parents or someone whom you are very closed with. Because these people will take some strict actions against the bullies. They will and they should try their level best to overcome situations like these in any way possible.

If you are a student and you don’t want to burden your parents more with situations like these then there are then administrations are always open for the students. You can complain to them, to which they will take serious steps.

If either of the above doesn’t help you out of situations like Cyber Bullying or if you are not comfortable sharing with them then there are several helplines. So, search for a helpline in your country and they’ll sort out your problem.

If Cyber Bullying is taking place on social media then just report their accounts.

If the Bullying is crossing the line or you feel that you are in danger then don’t forget to take all the screenshots of the text messages or all that material which is causing you mental distress. And involve the police in your case as police take serious actions against Cyber Bullying.

Even if you are not a victim of Cyber Bullying and if you are aware of the fact that your friend, class-fellow, or schoolfellow is suffering from such a virus called CyberBullying then you should take stand for the victim. And try to take every step to protect the victim because that’s what we should do as a citizen and a human being.

Those who judge will never understand and those who understand will never judge.

Most of the things will start getting normalizing if we (citizens) take the utmost stand for the victims. We need to believe in our power and our capabilities. We have the power of changing the world, even out all the odds and bring sanity in the world. Let’s hope of this crime called cyberbullying comes to end and we don’t lose more victims, their mental health, emotional health, and physical health. Let’s hope for the betterment of this world in every aspect of life.

"Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke."


Rauda Riaz.

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