How coronavirus changed, way We live our lives

September 6, 2020
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September 6, 2020 Amina Arshad
"In this coronavirus time period, everyone is advised to practice social distancing and to isolate themselves at home

"Believe IN Perspective"

The natural incidence of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has created global health the crisis that has a profound impact on the way we understand our world and our daily lives.

Only the speed and transmission patterns of momentum do not threaten our intelligence, however, security measures can inadvertently carry the virus, which in addition to being Social humans must be searched inside. The company of others. In this context of physical danger, social and physical disturbances, what is (and what will be) the role of various mass media channels in our lives, as a public alarm, at the individual, social and social group levels?

The medium has long been recognized as a powerful force, yet we are unique on the planet and in ourselves. This recognition is growing analytics, which follows in the footsteps of technological change (e.g. radio, movies, television, net, mobile) and therefore taste (such as the Cold War, 9/11, climate change), mass media. However, we begin to understand ourselves as individuals and voters to identify the big impacts.

Can Square Measurement Media (broadcast and digital) still provide a way to consolidate lost messages among a growing group of mass audiences? Does social media information, (d) provide comfort or basis for humanization and discrimination? Do we take advantage of the feasibility and ubiquity of media technology to extend public safety for the safety sought by international health agencies to address the inadequate situation of COVID-19?

However, does the media completely separate media industries and channels for mass communication, promoting positive health attitudes and positive responses to adherence to preventive measures? However, does the media affect the dynamics of the non-public domain (eg, strengthening family bonds and violence against family bonds)?

"Effective health communication for the adoption of property preventive measures and curtailing misinformation…"

Flexibility and socio-economic status in public health communication and various age groups are critical for increasing mental resources. The coronavirus is constantly destroying lives and is the most dangerous virus of all. When we take it seriously, it does not spread all over the world. But that’s when it started to take it easy. This can make our life burn.


Coronavirus affected many lives even one life is attached to another life and if one life is dead than if effects on several lives. We even stop our travel, our business our outing, our survey to serve life or humanity.


The coronavirus has devastated every business and economy. Many had the habit of traveling and doing business. But, Corona stopped them from going out. When they don’t go out, they can’t earn and pay employees. The COVID-19 deployment is emotionally challenging for many, transforming everyday life in unprecedented ways. All sections of society, including employers and employees, play a task to guard themselves- and each other and help prevent the disease from spreading further.

Who provides advice and updated information about COVID-19 and how employers can protect their employees, what office and other related factors should be measured.

Businesses with good financial health, and can give customers what they want. But the weakest players – already struggling with falling sales, rising costs and fierce competition


In our ordinary life, when we consider the basic purpose of our lives, it forces us to achieve our goals and activities. But COVID-19 has changed the way we live our lives and makes us lazy and slothful and not focused on our work and favorite sleep throughout the day. We need to be active in ourselves. And overcome your boredom by defeating COVID-19.

Initiates and manages new lives and activities. We are ignoring the basic purpose of our life. One of the most important changes in normal life throughout Pakistan is people displaying from home. Since the Kovid-19 virus shows no signs of slowing down, most companies have given their employees homework. On the other hand, many other countries are planning a similar scenario. If you work remotely, make sure you maintain a healthy work-life balance. When you organize your event at home and online.

According to social media. This is followed by a positive phase following the corona effect on life, business, and other things. We prefer social media because of social distancing. It has nothing to do with how much money you are getting. Because no one is available on the internet at the same time and no one is your home and you are going to have a complicated life at home. We sleep at different times. Waking up at different times and ruining our daily routine. We’ll work tomorrow, tomorrow the next day. In this way, the coronavirus is changing our lives.


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Amina Arshad

Amina Arshad

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