September 2, 2020
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September 2, 2020 Rauda Khan

Rauda Riaz

Life is unpredictable there are so many incidents that happen in our lives that sometimes leave us beyond dazed. Sometimes we get to eyewitness such a drastic or surprising side of our lives that we never thought would even happen.

And you have to agree that we all have been through the moments pleased or gloomy in our lives where we all have muttered or given thought to ourselves that “I wish I knew this earlier” “I wouldn’t have gone through this if I knew if it will happen” and so on.

Well, the list of qualms will never end if we keep on repeating the same mistakes but what can help us to grow with a healthy and better approach is the lessons. Rather than taking our downfalls as a failure or our highest peaks as a huge success, we should take them all as a lesson. Because one thought that keeps us all going and ultimately make stuck is “Everything is temporary.”

So, here I am going to give my future-self all the do’s and don’ts for the next five years which I learned from my life and I hope and wish that it helps to make our lives better as well.
Dear me in 5 years …


I want myself to understand this fully in the next 5 years that nothing lasts forever.
There have been so many times in our lives where you must have thought even, I have thought that this is just the end of my life and there has been a point where we couldn’t just see any good side of our lives further. No motivational speeches or sympathy seem to work during that rough patch of life.

But now if we just throw shade at that time, we might feel a sigh of relief within that no matter how soul-wrenching that time was our strong soul still managed to fight from it. Cheers if the outcome is in our favor and double cheers if the results were positive because this made us stronger.

And telling this, it brings the ray of hope and thought of fear as well as if our hardest paths won’t last forever then so does the happiest path. So, dear me in 5 years, just be patient and never lose hope if there is a thunderstorm in your life then there will be a shining and happy beam of sunlight, just be patient and never lose hope. Likely if there’s a spring season in your life filled with beautiful flowers and the charming aroma then please don’t get used to it as NOTHING LASTS FOREVER just be patient and never lose hope.


Unknown worries, tomorrows, yesterdays, the guilt of the past, the stress of the future, and now that one perfect click. What about the present? While being so tangled in all these things, did we ever thought that are we living the moment? Never! We are always complaining about how our lives are but we never thought that we are the ones who are not living it to the fullest.
Life is giving us all the lemons but the decisions are that we have to make the lemonade or not.

So, dear me: the past has gone take it as a lesson, future will be the best have some faith, and, you will get that perfect click to gram it but the present will not come again. Tomorrow your today is going to be the yesterday so make sure you are making it the best and you don’t have more regrets.


Thinking about yourself, doing what makes you happy, and never giving in does not prove that you are selfish but prioritizing yourself while defaming others is selfish. Making others sad for the sake of your happiness is selfishness and THAT IS TOXIC.

But you just got to learn the difference between self-love and selfishness. Because a lot of us are not following our hearts because we don’t want the world to think that we are selfish. This is not a good trait because we just have one life and we have all the right to live it according to our-selves.
So, dear me: never cause damage to others break someone’s heart by your gesture but also, never forget that you are your protector. No-one will ever give you happiness, love, and respect other than you. So, if you don’t feel anywhere right then just leave that place if you don’t like the food then just don’t eat it, if you don’t like the dress don’t wear it, and if someone is making your heartache then leave that person no matter how important that place holds a place in your life.

Small or big whatever is causing trouble in your life just give a chance and if still its doesn’t feels right then move on. Moving on might and must be hardest but trust me it will be worth it. Learn to make yourself happy and love yourself because no other person is going to do that.


50% of the population should accept the fact that the standards of beauty raised by our society are something we all have been affected by and maybe some people still get affected by it. Beauty standards sometimes made us hate the physical appearance we sometimes want to be someone else rather than ourselves. But let me tell you one thing.

In your life, there are so many beauty gurus who will tell you how you should carry your body, how you should work on your flaws, and how you should change yourself ignoring how battles and hardship you have to go through just to gain their so-called beauty standards.

There are two types of flaws one which is natural and the two which can be changed. Working on the flaws which can be changed is fine and maybe give you more confidence but the one which can’t be changed should be owned because you can’t do anything about it rather than accepting it with a happy mind. Your flaws to you should be like your right hand which doesn’t affect you and you don’t feel as if it’s something different.

So, dear future-self beauty is just not limited to the best and perfect physical features beauty lies within your inner soul, beauty lies in accepting your flaws and, loving your body because if it wasn’t for it then you won’t be able to walk, laugh, write, and, the list goes on. You have no idea what your body is doing for you so rather than complaining it, love it and lastly, ACE it.
Your flaws are what make you different from others and they should be appreciated more rather than shaming it.


We all love to dream and our dreams are what we all living for basically. From the day we recognize that this is our dream we start working on it but few of us or I must say a lot of us don’t even give a second thought what if it doesn’t work how we planned it. If life doesn’t go accordingly to our planned dreams then we think that here is the end as we don’t find any reason to live for.

"And then we face the brutal reality about life"

“Everything is not rainbow and unicorns”
To my future self and you guys, I would like to give a strict and serious lesson that always have plan “B” in your life. No matter what decision you are taking it is about traveling, about studies, about deciding the eateries, any function, or whatsoever. Work hard on your dreams and plan A but if by chance they don’t go as planned or if God has other better plans for you then at least you should be occupied with the other option already. And this is the biggest life hack my friends.


We all sometimes prioritize our friends so much that some of us legit forget that our ride or die are truly are our family.

Friends are the best-est things ever happened to you undoubtedly but they place but family is something which irreplaceable. It might sound rude or strange but for me, friends can’t be family as the family can be friends.

So, my advice for all of us is hold on your family, real tight, value them, and adore them because they are the real gems of our life, and these are the gems that can’t replace no matter in which beautiful corner of the world you go.

These are a few of the things that I have learned from my life. Until now and share it with you guys as well. May we live our future life with more peace and happiness. I hope I follow these traits wholeheartedly in the next 5 years and wish the same for you guys as well.

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Rauda Khan

Rauda Khan

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