September 2, 2020
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September 2, 2020 Rauda Khan

Turning 22 is a mixed feeling. Some might feel excited while the other gets really anxious and honestly, I am with the team anxious because life turns with the angle of 180 degrees at the age of 22. It is the age when adulthood hits you hard and on the other hand, you get to see a lot of perspective and phases in your life which makes you want to wish that you knew them way before your current age.

Because getting acknowledged about the things earlier and before the time makes your life solved and compiled. Obviously, before 22 we all are in our fantasy zone and we all want everything to be perfectly fine and accurate but what we don’t have belief and faith in is “it’s okay to not to be okay”. Well, I am not going to confuse you more and if you are about to turn 22 or in your teenage then I am going to let you know 20 of the best things about life so that you guys can live more freely and happily without any fear and complications.


Opening up yourself with others is something that plays a vital role in your life. If you don’t like anyone’s attitude just say that on their face, obviously in the sweetest way possible.

If you had fun spending your day with someone then just open up your feelings to them and tell them how much you adore spending time with them. Express with your parents how much you love them, to your friends, and each person how you feel about them and their energy around. Life becomes easy because when we don’t fill our hearts with grudges which in the end creates big chaos.


Change motivates a person to move forward in every aspect of life. But people are reluctant to opt for change because they feel uncomfortable in getting out of their comfort zone and they are always into what-ifs, which ultimately is a fear of failure. As a matter of fact, being on a constant or stagnant stage is dangerous rather than failing.

When a person is a constant stage, he/she has very fewer chances for failure and zero chances for any more success, while, if a person tries something new, he/she has chances of failure but success too


Growing up one thing that stops us from living our live accordance with ourselves is the factor of “SOCIETY” and this factor takes away a lot of achievements from us. When you’ll grow up you will realize that society is just a myth and nothing else. Also, their judgments are just like “EA” in the “TEA”, pun intended, which means null.

So, whatever your heart wants to do and what so ever is your passion continue with without thinking about the society and its scope in this world, because in the end what matters the most is you enjoying and loving your profession or not.


Everyone is either spend most of their lives worrying about the future or crying over the past. While doing it so we never realize that we are ruining our present which will be our past and was of one our future. So, if you want your life to be peaceful and orientated than just live in the moment without any concern. Because no matter what has to happen will happen and you can’t control that so why not enjoying and loving our present peacefully.

"I always live in the present. The future I can’t know. The past I no longer have"

Fernando Pessoa

As time passes and as you grow up you need to groom yourself. And by grooming I am giving importance to the grooming of mental health the same as that of the physical one.

Try to follow the trends and check out what looks best on you and whatnot. Which dressing style suits you the most and which looks just fine, which haircut goes with your face cute and which one brings down your personality. It is just not about looking pretty and all but I think that self-grooming is a booster of self-confidence which is a MUST essential in the recipe of the perfect life.


Positivity is the ultimate key to pass through a rough patch of your lives. The more you surround yourself with the motivating, contended, happy giving vibes, generous people around yourself the easier you will find your life out. Your environment plays a vital role in your life so substituting the negative energy with the positive one is a real struggle but totally worth it.


We all get too busy focusing on our imperfections that we don’t spare a second to appreciate the best in us. Life would be really easy if we start to appreciate ourselves more and remember appreciation does not require any extra efforts. Suppose if you are good in cooking/baking then just pat your back and tell how perfect you are in it, if you can paint well then appreciate your talent, even if you drank 8 glasses of water a day then just appreciate yourself for how you completed the most important task of
the day or what so ever. Small things make a huge difference so instead of pinpointing the bad or worst in you try to notice the good and appreciate yourself.


If you think that certain things will make you happy and you’ll have fun doing it then just go ahead, don’t rely on anyone in this world. You don’t need to call your friends, parents, siblings, or anyone to come and make up to you. If you want to have burger then just order it and enjoy the contentment, if you feel like going for odds then just do it because that’s how you will permit happiness to your way. We spent half of our lives on relying others but there always comes a point when everyone has to leave you and in the end, you are only left with yourself.


While growing up we have this “myth” in our mind that we have to be 100% and successful in every phase of our lives, once we failed in anything we think that it’s the end of our lives and there’s nothing beyond us but only darkness. But here let me tell you one thing, failures are very important in our lives until and unless we don’t fail, we won’t know how to come back with the bang. And I personally believe that one failure brings thousands of extra opportunities to be more successful.

"Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly."

Robert F. Kennedy

Time is money. As you grow older you couldn’t avoid yourself from relating to this phrase because if you can’t buy anything in this life that is time. Since it is the most valuable thing in life so don’t invest it on toxic relationships because with time these relationships also take away your mental health and happiness and left you like an empty shattered piece. What is meant to be will be yours and relationships which grows you in a better person are the best ones, not the one which ruins you. So, don’t ever invest your life over a toxic relationship.


If you are graduated from the best universities, if you are wearing branded clothes but if you lack confidence then these all qualities are of no use. If you want to convey your point out and you are not conveying it confidently then no -one will relate with you even if you are right. Being confident is the key to success, trust me I have seen thousands of people out there who have nothing but just confidence and they are ruling this world. So, whatever you are doing may it be learning, dancing, driving, cooking, laughing, debating, walking, talking or whatnot just do with confidence and you’ll Ace your life.


Most of us are afraid of taking risks. There are a lot of “IF’s “that strike our mind whenever we are up to trying something new and due to that, we stop ourselves. But NO! as time passes, I realized taking risks even in the smallest aspects of our lives is important after all change in the taste of the medicine is nothing bad. Taking risks in trying out different hairstyles, take risks in different interests, take risks in business investments, take risks in eating something off your favorites because all the risks bring new experiences some will be bad and others will be Ah-mazing that you will cherish them forever.


You want to lie your life according to yourself then you need to be financially independent. We should start making money early to make our dreams come true. Most of us out there want to travel to different places, wear gorgeous shoes and dresses, buy dream houses and cars. All these can’t be fulfilled on our parent’s income we need to make money for ourselves. Being financially independent gives you so much power that you can’t imagine how strong it makes you. You’ll feel off guards and off-limits and find things 100 times easier and less complicated.

"The desire to be self-supporting and financially independent is divine."

Catherine Ponder

We have been taught since childhood to say “Yes” to everything we are asked for, no matter we want it or not. Saying ‘’No’’ does not takes a lot of courage if you don’t like to go to the places where you feel uncomfortable then just No, if you don’t like any meal then just say No to it instead of having it. Because “Yes” to things which you don’t like or want is liking inviting troubles your way. we should change our habit and learn more to say “No” as it will make our life easier and speaking our heart out makes everything literally very sorted.


Life is really short and we want to achieve a lot in it so rather than wasting your time on lame stuff like social media, Netflix, and all like we should try to make it more productive. Productivity is the key to make your life more happening. Try to take online classes that are free of costs, learn through tutorials from YouTube, just paint for self-therapy, and whatnot. All in all, just don’t waste your precious time as they say “time is money” so yeah…


Social media has marked the level of beauty high and despite seeing the filters and photoshops we believe that everyone is really beautiful except me. Let me tell you one thing out there! We all are beautiful in our ways. And you don’t need to match the society standards to believe that you are gorgeous. All you need is to be believe and love yourself that’s what it takes.


Comparison can kill your happiness and peace in so many ways that you can’t even imagine. There is a huge difference between comparison and healthy competition. We can never figure out anyone’s life by just looking at what they show us. Just know that everyone is fighting their own battles and we all are tested in different ways. It’s better we don’t compare our lives with others as we do so it will destroy our mental peace, productivity, happiness, confidence, and whatnot. Comparison is a poison from which we all should stay away and learn more to be thankful for what we are blessed for.


In our teenage or early 20’s we are always in search of someone who loves us, loves our passion, our personality, dreams, ideas, style, and whatnot. But never did we know that we don’t need anyone to love is because we are more than enough for ourselves. Finding a life partner is another thing and a life partner to love you is a different thing. No need to go in search of something which you already own and in the best way.

"Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror."

Byron Katie

Speaking, and acting on it is a different thing, make sure that you surround yourself with the squad who motivates you, brings the best out of yourself, supports, and brings positive energy. Rather then the one who is negative for you don’t believe someone who is has sweet tooth but their actions are obnoxious. Finding out who is best for you and who is not is easy. You have all the power of sense. “Actions speak louder than words”.


What we don’t believe in is faith what has to happen will happen no matter what. All you have to do is hard work and believe in your destiny. And trust me guys whatever comes in your way is the best for you. So, just be positive and go with the flow accept all the hurdles in your life, work harder, keep your eye on your goal and keep moving, you should be positive in every aspect of your life and see how much amazing wonders life has to offer you.

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